Our care and concern is for you. Aftercare is a method we use to go beyond the initial service. It is a time for us to support and assist you as you readjust to life. Please find some of the ways our Aftercare supports our families. Over the years our approach has changed and adapts but aftercare is constant. 

Comfort Calls: This is usually our first mode of aftercare. Our staff contacts the family as a follow up to the initial services rendered. During this call one of our aftercare specialist acts as both a resource and listening ear. 

Annual Memorial Service: This has been the hallmark of our aftercare program for many years. This service is held annually commemorating the life and memory of the decedents we’re so fortunate to serve. Attendees also  receive a keepsake that honors their loved one. This is our most heartfelt service as it serves over 200 families at one time. 

Preplanning: after experiencing the passing of a loved one preplanning is a comforting process. In the initial 24 to 72 hours of someone passing almost 75 decisions are made immediately. Preplanning acts as a source of comfort reassuring individuals their wishes will be met, while completing a difficult task for their loved ones.