Anetta Reid

Obituary of Anetta Reid

Anetta Henry Reid was affectionately known as “Momma” to her very
own and ”Miss Gladys” to her loved ones and friends.

She was born on August 14,1925, to her parents, the late George and Esther Henry in the beautiful parish of St. Ann , located in Jamaica West Indies. She was raised by members of the community, as back in the days it took a village to raise a child. Growing up with her peers she learned the basics of agriculture by which she later mastered. Through her farming career she met her loving husband, Stephen Reid, by which she decided to settle down and start her family.

Being a mother of two blessed children, Joycelyn and Owen Reid.  It was challenging for her to managing being a
wife, mother and a farmer, but she never complained at her unenviable task, nor did she ever turn anyone away—be it family, friends or local faces, wanting to stop by the house for a quick chat, meal or advice.
Mama is one of a kind and there is no other women on this Earth, that can replicate God wonderful and perfect creation.

She had a will always be  remembered for her sense of humour which endeared her to everyone she came in contact with and it is a great testament

I will always remember our Holidays
together—going to the church, preparing meals from the night before and baking one of her favorites " Jamaican Pudding".

Mama loved her siblings, family and fostered many children and even adopted a few more Great-Great Grands his past year.

Mama, we will never forget all you taught us. We love you and we are so blessed we we chosen to be your family.